This is why US propsed an Open Door Policy in China.

(A) The need for more military bases around the world.

(B) ** U.S. drive for equal trading rights in China.

(C) U.S. believed it was destiny to expand into China.

(D) China was welcoming to the world with its markets.


Concept note-1: -The Open Door policy-first initiated in 1899, with a follow-up missive in 1900-was significant in its attempt by the United States to establish an international protocol of equal privileges for all countries trading with China and to support China’s territorial and administrative integrity.

Concept note-2: -Why was the Open Door Policy created? The US had recently gained a foothold in East Asia, and they were afraid they’d be forced out of the Chinese market by countries who had been there longer than them, so they created the policy to ensure they wouldn’t lose their ability to trade with China.

Concept note-3: -The Open Door Policy was a major statement of United States foreign policy issued in 1899 and 1900 intended to protect the rights of all countries to trade equally with China and confirming multi-national acknowledgment of China’s administrative and territorial sovereignty.

Concept note-4: -The Open Door Policy was a clever move on the part of the United States to create trade opportunities between the U.S. and China while additionally asserting American interests in the Far East. In the short term, the Open Door Policy allowed the United States to expand its markets for industrialized goods.

Concept note-5: -Each leasehold became the center of a country’s sphere of influence, an area where a foreign nation controlled economic development. U.S. politicians and businessmen worried that China would be divided among the Europeans and Americans would not be allowed to do business there.