Who wanted compensation and protection in the future from Germany?

(A) Britain (David Lloyd George)

(B) ** France (Georges Clemenceau)

(C) America (Woodrow Wilson)


Concept note-1: -The Big Four themselves had competing objectives in Paris: Clemenceau’s main goal was to protect France from yet another attack by Germany. He sought heavy reparations from Germany as a way of limiting German economic recovery after the war and minimizing this possibility.

Concept note-2: -Clemenceau stood for reparations, a transfer of colonies, strict rules to prevent a rearming process, as well as the restitution of Alsace–Lorraine, which had been annexed to Germany in 1871. He achieved these goals through the Treaty of Versailles signed at the Paris Peace Conference (1919–1920).

Concept note-3: –Clemenceau wanted to enact revenge on Germany for the damages of the war. He achieved this aim by making Germany take the blame for the start of the war and by forcing them to pay a high reparations bill.-However, many French people wanted Germany to be not just weakened but completely destroyed.

Concept note-4: -At the Paris Peace Conference, the French Prime Minister, Georges Clemenceau, controlled his delegation and his chief goal was to weaken Germany militarily, strategically and economically.

Concept note-5: -Georges Clemenceau is most well known for being Prime Minister of France during World War One and being one of the key shapers of the peace treaties after the war, including the Treaty of Versailles, in which he favored harsh punishment for Germany.