Why did Germany use U-boats?

(A) ** British blockade of German ports and transportation

(B) attack on Sussex

(C) sinking of Lusitania

(D) British bombing of Dresden


Concept note-1: -The formidable U-boats (unterseeboots) prowled the Atlantic armed with torpedoes. They were Germany’s only weapon of advantage as Britain effectively blocked German ports to supplies. The goal was to starve Britain before the British blockade defeated Germany.

Concept note-2: -A wish to retaliate and to break Britain’s command of the seas motivated Germany to launch its campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917. The result was to make the blockade even more complete, by provoking the United States to join the Allies.

Concept note-3: -This, coupled with the Zimmermann Telegram, brought the United States into the war on 6 April. But the new U-boat blockade nearly succeeded and between February and April 1917, U-boats sank more than 500 merchant ships.

Concept note-4: -29.4. 3: The British Naval Blockade. Soon after the outbreak of hostilities, Britain began a naval blockade of Germany. This strategy proved effective, cutting off vital military and civilian supplies and helping the Allies to eventually win the war.

Concept note-5: -The damage inflicted by U-boats during World War I was powerful. Their ability to submerge and to surprise enemies led to massive casualties: Germany and Austria-Hungary sank almost 5, 000 merchant ships during World War I, killing approximately 15, 000 Allied sailors.